Top 10 Best Photoshop Image Editing Tips : 2018 Update

Photoshop is a very common easy software to use and a very difficult one to become expert on it. So what do you? Skip Photoshop?!  No..!

Here I'm going to tell you 10 most Photoshop Editing Techniques that will help you to improve your Photoshop editing skills and become best photo editor online 😉

Photoshop Clipping Path: 

Clipping path is a very common and basic function of Photoshop that allows you to cut any objects from background & create image files with transparent background and then you can use it according to your purpose. 😎

How you do it:
For this, Use pen tool and select the outer shape of the object or person.  Once you done Selecting the shape of the object, you almost completed the process. 

Then, Press (Ctrl/Command + Enter)  => Press (Ctrl/Command + C)   =>   Then, Take a new Layer and Press  (Ctrl/Command + V)   ==  Done!   😇😇

Now you have the image with Transparent Background. You can place this image with any background you want. Say wow!!


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